April 10, 2024

9 Free Ways to Promote Your Telegram Channel

Maximize the potential of Telegram for your business using these 9 tried and tested, budget friendly methods to naturally expand your audience and connect with fresh viewers. Learn valuable advice on utilizing keywords, content promotion, collaboration with affiliates and other techniques to enhance the visibility and interaction on your Telegram channel. All without relying on paid promotions. Gain the knowledge required to elevate your Telegram marketing efforts to a whole new level.

According to the Pavel Durov post in 2024, Telegram was used by 900 million users monthly.

Pavel Durov post on "Du Rove's Channel" (10 april 2024)

Where there are people, there is traffic. Therefore, promoting Telegram channels is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. However, the financial resources are not always available, especially at the start.

In this article, we, together with Daniel Levyi, the head of the Social Vision project, will explore 9 ways to promote your Telegram channel for free, which will help you attract the first subscribers, increase your audience, and level up your account.

How to Promote Your Telegram Channel for Free?

Attracting new subscribers is the primary step in promoting a Telegram channel. The more people know about your channel, the more chances you have of getting potential clients interested in your services.

Paid tools, such as official Telegram advertising and placements in other channels, take the lead. However, unlike other platforms, Telegram still has many free ways to promote your channel, and they do bring results. Let's consider the most effective tools.

1. Using Keywords to Increase Channel Visibility

Telegram does not have SEO optimization in the traditional sense. Of course, you can use keywords in your channel description that reflect the topic of your channel, and thereby increase its visibility. However, the effectiveness of this method is ambiguous. There is a more effective strategy - the use of a network of chats (door-to-door channels).

What should you do?

  1. Create several additional channels with as similar names and descriptions as possible.
  2. Develop a good offer that leads the audience to your main platform and place it in the door-to-door channels.
  3. Analyze the traffic within 1-2 weeks.

If you see an increase, your mission has been successfully accomplished.

If not, then it's worth analyzing each step and finding the mistakes made. One possible option is that the keyword is too popular, and you get lost against the background of competitors.

This method of promotion is often used by Telegram channels in the movie niche. If you enter the name of a recently released movie in the search bar, you will surely come across a couple of door-to-door channels.

2. Content on Third-Party Platforms

You can promote your Telegram channel through other platforms. If communicating on the internet is a pleasure for you, you can easily gain your first subscribers or increase your existing audience through discussions on forums. During the conversation, you can natively place links to the interesting materials of your channel.

3. Folders

Telegram offered its users a new feature: sharing folders with channels. You can team up with other administrators and pool a common marketing budget, within which an advertising integration is launched in other Telegram channels.

4. Affiliate Marketing

In Telegram, affiliate marketing can be used to reach a new audience and stimulate sales. Find accounts similar in theme to yours and agree on a joint free PR campaign. In other words, you make mutual advertising. You place the partner's offer on your channel, and a promotional post about you appears on the other one. As a result, there is an exchange of audiences.

5. Mass Inviting

Inviting is the mass addition of people to your Telegram chats. With this method, you can significantly increase the sales of your products/services/information products.

For invites, many additional accounts are created. Through them, invitations are sent to participants of similar thematic groups. Each account has its own level of trust for Telegram algorithms, depending on the registration date and user activity. You can invite up to 200 people per channel link. There is no limit on groups, but it is not recommended to add more than 200 people per day - this can provoke blocking. It is best to work on quality, not quantity. 1,000 live subscribers are better than 10,000 dead souls.

6. Mass Commenting

Mass commenting is the mass distribution of comments under the posts of the target audience to attract attention to your Telegram channel. Find large channels where discussions are taking place in the posts, get involved in the discussions on behalf of your Telegram channel, and collect engaged users for free.

7. Recommendations

Networking is power. Ask your subscribers, clients, or friends if there are people in their circle who are interested in what you write about, and ask for their contacts. Then contact them and personally invite them to your channel. You'll see the result surpass all expectations, as you're already working with a warm audience.

8. Email Newsletters

Website Mentions Tell everyone about the channel on all your platforms: your official website, in the app, communities and groups on social media, email newsletters.

9. Promoting with Stickers

The social network of blood donors "DonorSearch" was the first to use this tool. The company developed its own stickers to popularize blood donation. Then many well-known brands picked up the successful idea. Promotion through stickers is still relevant.

The easiest way to promote a channel is to create your own stickers. They don't have to be detailed and highly artistic - make them pleasant and understandable to your audience. You can use a special bot for this. It is important to indicate your nickname or link to your channel in the name of the sticker collection. Then, if your creation is scattered across Telegram, users will be able to go to the original source.


It is important to remember that the best way to attract new subscribers is to constantly update high-quality content and interact with the audience. Based on the methods listed above, you can effectively promote your Telegram channel and attract new subscribers without additional costs.

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