Successful Social Media Strategy for New York Photo Booth Rentals

Photo Boom


Photo Boom Rental has become a key player in New York's event scene by providing photo booth rentals for weddings, corporate functions, and private parties. Despite their popularity, the challenge of scaling their operations beyond word-of-mouth prompted them to seek a more aggressive digital marketing strategy.

01. The Challenge

As a well-loved service in a competitive market, Photo Boom Rental faced difficulties in expanding their reach. The need to surpass the traditional word-of-mouth approach and directly increase customer engagement through digital avenues became apparent.

02. Campaign Goals
  • Enhance Brand Visibility: Boost awareness of Photo Boom in the New York events market.
  • Generate New Sales Leads: Acquire at least 20 new sales leads per month.
  • Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition: Maintain a cost per lead under $10.

Strategic Approach

  • Targeted Advertising on Social Platforms: We launched a dual-strategy campaign on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on both brand awareness and lead generation.
  • Brand Awareness Ads: Utilized engaging video ads to portray the unique, fun experience of Photo Boom's booths, targeting a broad audience interested in events.
  • Lead Generation Ads: Developed customized audience targeting and nurture flows aimed at converting website visits into actionable leads. Continuous A/B testing of ad copy, imagery, and CTAs ensured optimal performance.
03. Results
  • Brand Awareness: Achieved a 75% increase in overall brand visibility within the targeted demographic.
  • Lead Generation: Exceeded the monthly goal by generating an average of 26 new sales leads.
  • Cost Efficiency: Successfully maintained a cost per lead at $8.5, well below the target.
  • Revenue Impact: Generated an additional $16,800 in revenue from new sales directly attributed to the paid advertising campaigns.


Our strategic use of targeted social media campaigns enabled Photo Boom Rental to significantly enhance their market presence and achieve sustainable growth. By focusing on tailored audience engagement and cost-efficient ad strategies, we helped Photo Boom not only meet but exceed their business objectives.

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